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The world wide web is full of information that can easily be found by anyone with an internet connection, and your digital reputation is no exception at that. Now, your online reputation is as crucial as ever – it can create significant opportunities but at the same time, damage your future.


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With tools taken from the PR and communications consultancy fields, combined with SEO techniques and legal counselling, we lead to a dramatic change in online public perception – in no time. As we take into account each and every element of the digital world, we can ensure that when someone googles you, they will find only what you want them to find.

Why keep your online reputation in check

While there are times when your online reputation is under attack, maintaining a positive online reputation should be an ongoing effort. Reputation management goes well beyond simply improving your search results, as there are countless ways a brand or individual may have their name tarnished.

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As experts for crisis communications, Public Relations, Digital marketing and SEO campaigns, we have an in-depth understanding of the digital world. That is why we created a unique method that combines all of our knowledge and tools to reach the desired results, quickly and efficiently. This allows us to suppress negative google search results in weeks or immediately restrain a social media crisis. 

סטריקס ניהול מוניטין


We specialize in accentuating your positive truth and personal branding across the web. Offering discreet, reliable online reputation management services, we ensure that when someone Googles you, their results will be populated only with the information you wish to present.

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